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By understanding the condition and situation, it is easier to provide the necessary services that each patient need. We make sure that our patients are comfortable in receiving care.

Personal Care and Assistance

imageAt Eby Health Services, Inc., we offer assistance to patients who are having a hard time performing personal tasks like maintaining personal hygiene. Our services include but do not limit to the following:

  • Bathing Assistance
  • Hair Styling
  • Skin Care
  • Help With Dressing
  • Meal Planning And Preparation
  • Monitor Diet & Eating Habits
  • Assistance In & Out Of Bed
  • Medication Reminders
  • Light Exercise Assistance
  • Help Climbing Steps
  • Hydration Reminders
  • Safety Supervision
  • Family Respite Care
  • Incontinence Care
  • Hospice Client Assistance
  • Provide Transportation

Meet with us by scheduling an assessment today. For more information about our assisted living services, please contact us. If you have other health-related concerns, call us at 240-644-3060.

Our Mission & Vision

We have made it our mission to provide quality care with genuine concern for our patients. Our aim is to be your top option when looking for home care services.

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